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Visiting Rio Lagartos, Los Colorades, & the Mud Flats


Rio Lagartos

From the town on Rio Lagartos you can take a small boat for a 2-3 hour tour of the lagoon in which you will stop at various points along the way. If the weather is sunny (is was not for us) this is a great way to spend a morning or afternoon out in nature.

This lagoon is a bio reserve for the conservation of a natural habitat for mangrove life, like crocodiles, herons, eagles, and etc. Our boat guide stopped a lot so we could see the different birds and he answered any questions we had. Unfortunately the day we went out was chilly and cloudy so there wasn’t as much wildlife as normal.


Los Colorades

Technically this pink water is in private hands, so you can’t go in, but you can look from the little embankment (there are roving ATVS and motorcycles to make sure people are not tempted to wade in). From the shore you can see flamingos, bubble-gum pink water (from the krill) and huge mountains of salt from the nearby factory. All of it looks really surreal but probably the coolest thing, for me, was the piles of sea-foam that looked like whipped cream along the shore! I don’t know to science behind any of the phenomena here but it was incredible to see.


Mud Flats

This was the thing I was waiting for! Here you can walk out to the mud flats to cover your body (it was cold when we arrived so I only did my face).The mud sits on your skin like a mud mask and when you take it off your skin is incredibly smooth and silky. I kept rubbing my face. The funnest part of the mud however was how much you sunk in! Luckily my dad is tall, otherwise we would have lost him. Lmao.


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