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Travel Style: When you want your husband to look nice but it’s hot outside

Travel Style: When you want your husband to look nice but it’s hot outside

So this is a really long title but it describes EXACTLY what happened on our last trip to Southern California for Thanksgiving week. The weather was supposed to be in the 70s and turned out to be the 90s. -__- Therefore we did not pack properly and couldn’t use about half of our wardrobes. Additionally, I like taking nice photos while traveling (who doesn’t!) but my husband gets hot easily and likes his athletic clothes. I was not about to let him ruin my cute couple photos so we had to come up with something.

I was hell-bent to get out Christmas photos at San Juan Capistrano (a beautiful mission about an hour outside San Diego) because I found all these gorgeous engagement photos taken there. Will had originally packed a button down and sweater vest but that was not going to fly so the morning of we decided on a nice, dark grey long-sleeved shirt instead with his jeans and Sperrys. The above photo is our compromised Christmas photo card outfits – I think it still worked! The key with this is to bring casuals that still look put together at any moment.

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When all he wants to wear are t-shirts.

It was seriously too hot to even think of wearing a polo so it was t-shirt time! But Will makes sure to pack only plain-colored t-shirts that wear well so they don’t look sloppy. And plus I am always on the look out for moisture wicking clothing that don’t look too athletic. Fun fact, that white shirt at the zoo is actually an undershirt but I don’t think its noticeable.

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When you are doing outdoorsy things.

There is totally a time and a place for athletic clothes while traveling (desert hiking & beach rock climbing, for example) but I still want photos to look nice. Luckily Will is super conscious about matching his clothes to he only packs things that are versatile and look good together. Case in point with the two photos above.

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Making hoodies look nice.

So hoodies are typically considered super casual clothes, and quite honestly that usually look sloppy. So I was super excited when I found this soft and versatile hoodie at Banana Republic for Will to take on our trips. Even though the days were hot, the evenings got chilly so he kept this in the car to pull on whenever it got cold.

By the way, I took this photo and I was pretty pleased! #photographerintraining


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