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Travel Style: Thanksgiving in SoCal

Travel Style: Thanksgiving in SoCal

Sooooo the weather was WAY hotter than we anticipated which normally isn’t a problem for us Floridians but it is when you don’t bring that many 90-degree weather options. We made it work but my travel style for this trip was not what was expected. Because I didn’t use like half the stuff I bought, I’m only going to go through what I actually wore (plus mentioned a few things I’m still glad I toted around as a just in case).

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I am so exhausted in this photo: up since 5:30 am, worked all day, flight at 5:20pm (Eastern), and landed in San Diego 8pm (Pacific)

Airplane Outfit

This was a low-key outfit because of our flight but I totally forgot to take a full-body photo so here’s my description of what I wore: navy linen pants, a loose shirt, green/blue/tan scarf and navy sandals (I wore these sandals to death the whole week).

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My shoes

So I packed 4 pairs of shoes (I know, I know too many!). Quite honestly, I could have just brought the navy sandals and the sneakers. I wore the navy sandals literally everyday (except to the San Diego Zoo & Joshua Tree National Park).


The (Unexpected) Heat

It was not supposed to be in the mid-90s so we were totally unprepared to deal with the heat, meaning half my travel wardrobe went unused. Luckily I packed basics to compensate; however some days it was still too hot for even a light scarf.
Here are the things I wore to death over the week:


Workout Wear

I always bring at least one outfit to workout in (although I rarely workout on vacation! lol); especially useful this trip since we were spending a day hiking in Joshua Tree National Park. I wasn’t sure how much the weather would fluctuate so I brought layers. I ended up going with a long-sleeved white moisture wicking shirt (perfect for the intense sun), grey leggings, athletic headband (so I didn’t have to worry about my hair), my not-so-white sneakers, & a dark grey ¾ zip up.


Christmas Photos

One of goals for this trip was to take our Christmas card photos. This meant that we had to pack something still travel friendly but sharp for photos. My happy medium consisted of a super cool wrap skit I got second-hand but originally from Banana Republic with a long-sleeved white shirt I tucked in and a gorgeous turquoise necklace that my mom brought back from her honeymoon in Greece. No surprise, I’m wearing the same navy sandals and my diva sunglasses to kick it up a notch!

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The Accessories

Accessories don’t take up that much luggage space and can really spice up an outfit in a jiffy. I also try to make sure they are bold yet versatile. This trip I brought:

  • 2 scarfs (two different weights)
  • 3 long necklaces (turquoise, sea green, & grey)
  • 1 short necklace
  • 2 pairs of earrings (silver hoop & see green dangling)
  • 1 grey felt hat
  • My diva glasses

What I would have done differently…

Well the weather worked against us and most of my clothes were too fall/wintery, so I wish I brought items that could be more versatile (skirts, t-shirts, light cardigans). I would test out my shoes ahead of time because I could have left the ballet flats at home. But we were able to fit all of it in our shared checked bag so I guess it wasn’t that bad!



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