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Travel Style: Thanksgiving Charleston Road Trip

Travel Style: Thanksgiving Charleston Road Trip

This trip was a mix of road trip & hanging out with our dear friends in Charleston.  I had most of the trip planned out but needed to leave things open for our time in Charleston. My packing for this trip went just okay, some days were way hotter than I anticipated & I had to borrow my friend’s shoes for our Christmas photoshoot. But it all worked out!

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Dresses & Skirts

I was really feeling the more feminine style for this trip so skirts and dresses were at the top of my packing list but it was going to be a bit chilly so I had to make sure I could plan things I could layer and that worked well with scarves and cardigans. You might remember my mustard skirt/chambray top outfit from my Greece trip last spring break. 🙂 and the mustard skirt/maroon top combo is what I wore to mass in St. Marys, GA. The last photo is hard to see but I am wearing a body-con black dress, with a grey long cardigan, a gray shawl (that I have wrapped as a scarf) and black tights (this is what we wore for our Christmas photos).

Cumberland Island/Hiking Day

We knew we were spending the day on Cumberland Island which has no amenities besides a few toilets spread around. It is a pack-on/pack-off island, meaning EVERYTHING you bring to the island you are responsible for removing (i.e. no garbage cans). I was originally thinking of renting bikes to go around the island but Will vetoed that option in favor of walking and walking and walking. The day was MUCH hotter than anticipated so I stripped off some layering on top by midday. At first I was nervous my sneakers were too trendy and not functional enough but they turned out to be fine – there were no steep climbs and I just avoided muddy spots.

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Everything Else

As you can see I pretty much wore the same earnings all trip! They just went with everything and provided a nice pop to my outfits (they were originally purchased on but are no longer available). I was not an exciting dresser on this trip nor did I seem to remmeber to get good pictures but I think you get the gist from the photos. Comfort & cuteness are key for me!



  1. I’m surprised you only wore one pair of earrings the whole trip – that doesn’t seem like you! I also love that duster/cardigan but absolutely cannot buy any more cardigans right now. I’m at maximum capacity with the ones I have.

    1. I was laughing going through the images that I did not vary my outfits much, earrings included! It’s because I packed so poorly for this trip (much hotter than anticipated) my other outfits just couldn’t work.

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