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Travel Style: Greece

Travel Style: Greece

I was chaperoning a school trip to Greece for spring break so that mean that I needed to dress modestly (although I normally do) and be ready for long days out on guided tours. I can safely say I packed literally perfectly for this trip and only did not use one long sleeved shirt that I brought! All in a carry on bag too 🙂 BUT because my husband (aka personal photographer) wasn’t there I sometimes forget to take a good outfit photo per day. 🙁

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I kept it simple in this department with nice quality t-shirts and loose blouses:



I stuck to the navy & white scheme with my pants. I brought a pair of high-waisted loose pants (I’m sure they have an official name…idk), I also packed to pairs of skinny denim: one blue and the other white. This is the second time I have risked wearing white pants abroad and I have not been disappointed!

I also brought a gorgeous mustard colored mid-length skirt that got lots of love when in Ephesus. Little did I know that day I had a bunch of trip participants taking pictures of me taking pictures. 🙂 lol


I lost that yellow sweater literally 5 minutes after this photo was taken :(((((


Soooo there was a dress I have literally been dying to wear while in Greece, specifically in Mykonos or Santorini. And I did actually wear it on both islands and then proceeded to get NO PHOTOS of me in said dress (this one is a similar feel). The photo above is from Mexico last year but you get the idea. I also brought a lovely, lovely rose faux-wrap dress that I paired with a jean jacket and a navy maxi dress.

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My beige Sperrys were my best friends on this trip! I alternated between them and my other shoes every day (sometimes twice a day). I brought a pair of wedges just in case we had a fancy night out. Used them once; I’m not mad.



One piece of jewelry was really special for my to bring on this trip, it was a turquoise necklace my mom got on her honeymoon in Greece! It was like a homecoming trip. 🙂 Other jewelry I brought included:

  • Silver hoop earrings
  • 1 short silver necklace
  • 1 short gold “statement” necklace
  • 1 pair of pearl earrings

I also brought my same trusty scarf, another lightweight one that I didn’t really use much, and a headband/buff for my crazy non-showered hair. In the jacket department I only brought a mustard-colored cardigan that I lost on day 2 🙁 and a jean jacket.


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