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Travel Style: Belgium & The Netherlands

Travel Style: Belgium & The Netherlands

My color scheme (no surprise) was based around black but I added some white, grey, and red, & navy for some color (scandalous I know lol…) The weather was ranging from 45-55 degrees and sunny. Not too cold (nothing like Germany this past Christmas) but definitely dressing in layers to adjust as the day changed.

Sorry, that’s the best photo I have for this outfit 🙁


Our first day in Brussels was a long one (we walked 13 miles!) and it was off and on drizzling rain. I brought a rain jacket and a scarf that I ended up lugging around for most of the day, the jacket came in handy that afternoon but I could have done without the scarf. Better safe than sorry though! What you don’t see under these photos is that I always wear a cami as an undershirt; it keeps my core toasty without overheating. Also, I hate wearing long-sleeved shirts so I am constantly pulling up the sleeves with totally defeats the purpose of staying warm. 🙂

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Yay no rain in the forecast today while in Ghent but it was windier than Brussels so hair up it is! I also went out on a limb packing a dress for this trip but worked out super well. Also, the scarf is totally not mine 🙂 its was a sofa throw at our AirBnb but I loved it and figured I would use it to accessorize. lol You can’t see it in my photos but I wear jewelry with most of my outfits, makes me feel polished. This outfit I am wearing a watch and a cool long red necklace my friend Bekah got me ages ago.

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I know I’m mixing brown, black, AND navy but I think it worked! At least it passed my husband’s once over before leaving the apartment and he is quite critical! Lol I also wore this coat while in NYC this past fall and the hood is wonderful for all kinds of wind and it was sure windy in Bruges that day!

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Amsterdam Day 1

We hopped on a 3-hour train at 7:55 am from Brussels to Amsterdam so comfort and cuteness were key. Hello leggings and sneakers! I’m new to the sneaker club and I am quite excited. Lol You may be having déjà vu right now because this is essentially the “winter edition “of my outfit while in Ybor City, Tampa. I told you, I try to be frugal!

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Amsterdam Day 2 & 3

The other two days in Amsterdam were spent walking all around Amsterdam with my sister and her boyfriend. Tons of walking, eating, and museum-ing. (The grey tunic is also a repeat from our NYC/Cape Cod trip this past Thanksgiving!) By the way, I borrowed the tan scarf from my sister and lent her my black scarf (otherwise it seems like I brought 4 scarves which I certainly do not have room for!).

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Amsterdam Day 4

On our last day, we did an 11-hour day trip tour to see windmills and tulips. We typically don’t do guided tours while on vacation but I am obsessed with tulips and I didn’t want to deal with the headache of trying to get out into the countryside. We spent all day outside so flexibility and comfort were key.

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Airport Outfit

I didn’t take a photo of my first plane outfit but the formula doesn’t change: leggings, sneakers, layers. Oh and don’t forget the scarf which doubles as a blanket/pillow. Although our flights with Air Europa have actually been exceedingly warm, planes are usually freezing so plan accordingly.



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