2018 Thankful

2018 Thankful

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I will be in the throes of cooking, roasting, and attending to other last minute hosting duties. I love party hosting but Thanksgiving is a big deal and I’m super nervous. Luckily it’s a smaller table (just 8 of us) but still keeping my fingers crossed.

So in preparation for tomorrow I figured it would be good practice to come up with 11 things I am thankful for in advance to I can meditate about those things when I am otherwise distracted.

So here it goes:

  1. Having bought a wonderful home to one day raise a family in
  2. Teaching in a great school & community
  3. Getting to travel internationally with my family
  4. Engaging with teachers from across the country each summer
  5. Blogging here in my little corner of the internet
  6. My fantastic yet incredibly forgetful husband
  7. Planning even more adventures in Italy with said husband
  8. Growing in my Catholic faith with liturgical living
  9. Learning new ways to engage my students
  10. My close-nit family, both by blood & marriage
  11. And finally…excitement for what 2019 has to bring!


P.S. – loved this post by JSTOR: “Thanksgiving is a Feast of Things Forgotten”

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