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Third Wedding Anniversary

If you missed the first two here is year ONE & TWO anniversary-gifts posts. Last year we were in Spain for our second wedding anniversary, and there is no way of topping that! lol But this year we get to go back to our restaurant wedding venue, Ceviche, for paella & tapas. Yum!

This third anniversary gift is traditionally leather and there were lots of ideas on the interwebs but Will already has a leather wallet, we have leather luggage tags, he won’t use a leather journal, and I am not going to surprise him with a leather messenger bag (even though he’s been dying for one) or new shoes without his input. So that kind of left me with very few ideas for leather gifts for a man.

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Soooo after much Googling & searching on Etsy I came up with something unique! This requires a bit of backstory before you “get it.”

  1. Will is incredibly absentminded with his belongings. Case in point: he left his wallet in America when we went over to Spain last year, luckily my mom was able to bring it over on a later flight.
  2. The patron saint for losing items is St. Anthony of Padua.
  3. Will chose that patron saint when he became Catholic in 2014.
  4. There’s a cute little rhyme that you can pray to St. Anthony if you are looking for something you’ve lost: Tony, Tony, look around. Something’s lost and must be found!


The gift I got him is a leather keychain from Maven Metals, Inc. on Etsy (he misplaces his keys. all. the. time.) that is customized with the prayer of St. Anthony on it. This gift combines Will’s personality, our Catholic faith, the traditional material for a third wedding anniversary, & utility. SCORE!

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P.S. – gorgeous wedding photos by the amazing Scott David Photography.

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