The Little Scarf that Could

The Little Scarf that Could

As I was going through old travel photos the same fashion accessory kept popping up on nearly every trip: my grey and white scarf. I have had this thing for years; it doesn’t even have a tag on it anymore that’s how old it is. I think I got it at Old Navy but I can’t be sure. Honestly, I never realized this was my apparent go-to travel companion but here it is over and over again.
I think this scarf works because it is lightweight enough for warmer climates and can be used as a sarong or tied as a makeshift headscarf. However, it’s also decently good at keeping my neck warm when looped around a few times when it’s chilly outside (read: not too cold). So I am writing this blog post to maybe help make you aware of a closet travel staple you may have overlooked. A scarf is literally your best friend when traveling so pick a good one and it will serve you for years in a variety of climates and dress codes.

Here’s some of the pictures I found with my trusty scarf:

Portrait of Madame du Barry, Vigee-LeBrun, 1782-with me
Here I am at the National Gallery of Art in the summer heat, this scarf was perfect for the over air-conditioned museum. And the pattern is subtle enough that it doesn’t compete.
Back again in Washington, D.C. during the fall so this scarf is a perfect accessory.
At a the largest mosque in NYC for the Jumma service.
Who needs jewelry when you have this scarf as your accessory? Not me.
Scarf now becomes a beach sarong in Costa Rica during our honeymoon.
Another museum but I am still wearing the same scarf. This is in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. It’s summer but chilly!

What’s your go-to travel fashion? 


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