The Great Classroom Unveiling

The Great Classroom Unveiling

So my room is not “done-done” (will it ever be??? lol probably not). But in my fifth year teaching, I have never been happier and actually spent less time on my room. Yay! Here’s some photos and info below about my AP World History & Humanities classroom:
Before & After Videos of my Room
[wpvideo vi3HKtBC ]
[wpvideo zv3WFW5X ]
My Desk (aka Command Center)
Nothing super special here; I don’t really sit at my desk as much as I sit on my desk. 🙂 I’m super neat and my desk is always clear of clutter. I am also super picky about “in” and “out” piles and set up for other class periods. You can see a lot of that organization here.
This first photo below is my first day of school outfit. My goal this year was to take a photo a day of my teaching outfits…its not day 3 and this is my only phot! lol So much for that…
Student Work Center
I like to have things accessible to students at all times so that they DON’T bother me while I am teaching or moving about the classroom. In the back of my class I have a bookshelf with anything they could need: pencils, erasers, sharpener, all manner of art supplies, scrap paper, stapler, hole puncher, tape, dictionaries, etc.
I tell them first day that I am neat and organize and I expect them to treat my objects with as much reverence. I don’t have much of a problem but I stay on top of them until it’s second nature to them. I truly feel that an organize classroom makes for happy students and happy teachers.
My Desks
I hated these desks when I first started at my new school (I was used to desk-tables and chairs), but considering the fact that not pushing your chair in drives me bananas, this has been a much better improvement. No more worrying about kids pushing in chairs, they’re stuck to the desks! I also move my desks about 2 times a week into different configurations so the room always look different.
My Bookshelf
So I have this bookshelf at school for two reasons: 1) We use a lot of books for personal research in Humanities and 2) I have no more room at home (#2 is actually way more important! lol). But in all seriousness, I love having magazines and books on hand for bored kids or research.
My Entryway
I feel that doorways into classrooms need to be neat; I have over 100 kids pass through this door every day and I want to keep it streamlined. The only major things by my door is a section to pick up papers on your way in and a tray to turn them in on your way out. Easy, streamlined, and nothing gets lost.
Oh and I have a giant wall map covering up a disgusting prison-grey wall. I use this map a lot in my teaching and my students can stick post-it notes and tape on it without ruining it. That was $170 dollars well spent 4 years ago!
IMG_1002IMG_1003IMG_0943If you’re interested, here’s the GIANT wall map (get the laminated one!) http://www.mapshop.com/wall/world/env-graphics-world-wallpaper.html
My Back Wall
As you can see (if you noticed) I don’t have windows in my classroom, a very sad fact I try to make less sad with this beautiful blue color. Adding the wall map to this gorgeous wall was my big project this year. My idea is to use it to show off my travels and my students’ travels as it relates to our curriculum. I started off with pictures from my vacations and invited students to email me photos after I teach a related unit so I can then put them on the wall. We’ll see how it goes this year but the kids seemed excited.
P.S. I literally found my teacher-twin at school!!!!

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