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Teaching in Italy

Teaching in Italy

I always figured I would love to teach; I grew up in a family of teachers, my mom, my aunts, and now my boyfriend all teach. And I’m not going to lie; I’m pretty good at it.

I’m not trying to be conceited. The teachers I’ve been working with have told me their surprised at the control I have over the class. Mostly, I think that’s because the students think I’m a super cool older American. Hey I will keep up that image as long as I can. At first, I thought they wouldn’t respect me because I’m so young, a mere 5 years older than some students. But I have no problem commanding their attention or gently reprimanding the chit-chatters and texters (which I now delight in catching).

I think I’m also I’m good at teaching because I feel good performing in front of the class. And trust me, if you’re a bad teacher, they let you have it. Most, if not all, of the classes I’ve taught have been really great. I surprise myself with the questions and connections I come up with on the spot.

I have led two literature classes on Picture of Dorian Grey and Mice & Men all in English and they were amazing! The students blew me away with their command of the language and pretty in-depth ideas. I think they can put my high school English classes to shame!

This week I had a serious cut in my classes because of field trips, exams, and two English teachers in Sweden for a school project (So cool right!? I begged them to take me!). However, I was itching to go to class. I really missed teaching.

I know many of you are probably wondering if I’m going to come back to America to teach (I know everyone here has asked me). I know I would enjoy it but unfortunately there are pretty much no jobs in Art History (which I think is about the only thing I’m qualified to teach). I’m not going to set my heart on something that doesn’t exist. But that does not mean I wont love another career, in fact I’m excited about searching for new opportunities. Yes, I like teaching, but that’s not the only thing I can love. In short, I love inspiring people to accomplish their passions; however I can do that, I’m happy.

Shameless plug: I’ve started my America job search! Let me know if you find anything in the Central Florida region 🙂 Thanks!



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