Liebster Award

So I got nominated for this blogging award a while back but we were traveling at the time and then I forgot about it until this week...better late than never I guess! Without further ado, thank you Retratonz for the nomination, I am super flattered. My blog is like tiny compared to most of the blogging [...]

Nat Geo Book Reviews

I LOVE books, I also I LOVE travel, and I LOVE history and art! Well, these books have it all wrapped up in one. Secret Journeys of a Lifetime & Sacred Places of a Lifetime are definitely some of my go-tos when planning travel for those extra special experiences not in the "traditional" travel books. Note: [...]

Munich AirBnb Review 

So for this was the one AirBnb that we stayed in that was actually someone's home, she stayed somewhere else while we were there which I'll be honest was kinda weird. Also her laundry drying out in the living room which was also weird. BUT! She was so nice and gave us information and a [...]