Ziggurats vs. Pyramids

  This past year for Humanities, I designed various stations to compare and contrast the cultures of the Ancient Near East and Egypt in prepartion for their final test. One of the stations I set up was "Ziggurats vs. Pyramids." In this station, students are asked to read the blog post "Ziggurats and Pyramids" and answer [...]


Prehistoric Posts

  As we all start planning the next year of school here are some blog posts to help you gather information on the Prehistoric pieces in the AP Art History curriculum: #1 Apollo 11 stones #2 Great Hall of the Bulls #3 Camelid sacrum in the shape of a canine #4 Running horned woman #5 [...]

Prepping for the Course

Tomorrow starts my 3-week summer program: Religious Worlds of New York. In anticipation for this whirlwind academic adventure, I have been doing some intense reading (all provided by the Institute thank you very much!). The reading, notes, and research is what I miss most about university life - but certainly not the papers & exams! These [...]