Our ACIS Greece Itinerary

This spring break I am traveling to Greece with a school trip hosted by ACIS. This is my first time chaperoning a student group tour so I'm pretty nervous but I'm not the teacher in charge soooo it can't be that bad. lol. Plus the trip is free. #winning Here is our itinerary for the [...]

Catholic Culture: Ash Wednesday Trumps Valentines Day

Liturgical year 2018 is gunna be weird! Ash Wednesday is on February 14th and Easter is on April Fools. I sadly had to tell my 7th grade catechists this past week that Ash Wednesday totally trumps Valentines Day. They were in shock and a little upset; no Valentines Day candy!? Nope. Well why can't they [...]

Catholic Culture: Pre-Lenten Celebrations

It's Fat Tuesday! The big, last hurrah before the long season of Lent. Many Catholic cultures around the world have interesting (and rowdy) ways to celebrate. Read more: Catholic Culture: Traveling during Lent Here are ten pre-lenten celebrations worth traveling to: Mardi Gras, New Orleans No Fat Tuesday post would be complete without America's most [...]