Student Series! Hannukah

For many Americans Hanukkah is just the Jewish version of Christmas, only theirs stretches over an eight-day span. Just like any other topic, it is unjustified to make assumptions over ones belief without knowing all the facts to it. Hanukkah Traditions & Rituals Hanukkah is full of traditions and rituals that extend far past the [...]

Jewish Holidays: Foods of Rosh HaShanah

Again, I am not Jewish but I do seem to study Jewish rituals and traditions enough. I have never personally celebrated Rosh Hashanah, so all of the information in this post (& over photo) comes from & Traditional Foods Like most holidays, it is typical to have a big meals. Specifically for the Jewish [...]

Jewish Holidays: Purim

Tonight begins Purim! Known as Judaism's most joyous festival because it celebrates the salvation of the Jewish people by Esther. It's best described as a mix between Halloween and Mardi Gras, so you already know it's a good time! Purim typically falls around March, and it is the perfect holiday to celebrate the coming of [...]