Some of my Favorite Churches

I was going over previous posts I wrote about visiting churches recently and I just really love visiting churches. Not only are they architecturally gorgeous but they are dark and mysterious with some of the most beautiful artwork. So here are some of my favorite traveling church posts: Scrovegni Chapel I had been looking forward [...]

The Churches of Florence

San Lorenzo So this church is seriously ugly on the outside, like atrocious and I'll be honest, it isn't that fantastic on the inside either. Brunelleschi chose a very minimalist Renaissance geometric style over the more ornate Gothic style (so it is an art historically important church). But, I would have totally skipped this church [...]

Totally Obsessing Over…The Medici

So have you seen that new show on the Medici on Netflix???? We'll I am in love. I have been binge watching as I've been packing for Germany and it is the only thing getting me through it. Of course, every show takes historical liberties but its really good. I especially love all of the [...]