Catholic Culture: Shrine of the Three Kings

  I  love medieval saint relics, I find them incredibly beautiful, mysterious, and quite curious. Well Cologne has the distinction of containing the bones of the Three Kings who visited baby Jesus at the nativity. ***Disclaimer, although I am quiet Catholic, I am also quiet skeptical about saint relics mostly from the standpoint that there [...]

Catholic Culture: The Twelve Days of Christmas

Contrary to popular believe the Twelve Days of Christmas start ON Christmas, not BEFORE. I have hardly seen anything advertised correctly or met people who know this fact. The Twelve Days of Christmas are the days between Christmas Eve and the Epiphany (the day the Three Magi visited Baby Jesus). As a kid, we did [...]

Celebrating “La Befana” Cuban Style

So I’m back home after a 17-week journey in Italy and it feels so good! Since I was unable to celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas with my family, we decided to do a post-Christmas/Epiphany. If you are unaware, the Epiphany is January 6th  and it is the official last day of the Christmas Season and comes 12 [...]