Honeymoon Fails

Even the best planned trips have their funny fail moments. Here are ours from our recent honeymoon in Costa Rica: Fail #1 We arrived early enough at the Orlando airport to have a second breakfast at the Mexican joint (yes, we eat like Hobbits). Will wanted to get something a little extra special because it was [...]

Selvatura Park: Not for the faint of heart

This was the day we had both been waiting for: Selvatura Park for a day of ziplining, hummingbirds, reptiles & amphibians (I was not looking forward to that one!), & hanging bridges! Selvatura Park Packages The Selvatura Park website has a million different options to mix and match activities for your day. I picked the [...]

Paradise in the Clouds: Monteverde Intro

<a href="http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/17847183/?claim=sr7ypugnrrk">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> About as close as we can get to it on Earth anyways! When first researching Costa Rica, Monteverde was ALWAYS a top destination in any search. And I can totally see why! We had a fabulous time here! To start, here's the kinda kooky backstory to this paradise in [...]