Cologne AirBnb Review 

Another city, another cute apartment! This one was much smaller because we didn't really need as much space for only 2 nights and we were not cooking dinner while in Cologne, but it was overall super cute (especially the living room which turned into Nette's bedroom at night). If you are looking for something centrally-located, [...]

Catholic Culture: Shrine of the Three Kings

  I  love medieval saint relics, I find them incredibly beautiful, mysterious, and quite curious. Well Cologne has the distinction of containing the bones of the Three Kings who visited baby Jesus at the nativity. ***Disclaimer, although I am quiet Catholic, I am also quiet skeptical about saint relics mostly from the standpoint that there [...]

Cologne: The city of the Rhine, the Cathedral, & the Three Kings

After our Christmas in Aachen we moved on to Cologne. We stayed 2 nights in Cologne in an AirBnb; the first day for exploring the Rhine River Valley and day 2 we got to meet my sister's boyfriend, Mathias, and his family (exciting) and touring the Cathedral and The Shrine of the Three Kings. The river [...]