Travel Tips: Hair Care

I have pretty unique curly hair so what works for me will probably not work for 99% of the planet but there's a lot to be said about general hair care that I think is transferable. For starters I have never dyed nor permed my hair in any way, and every hairdresser has commented on [...]

Travel Tips: SkinCare

So I am not a beauty blogger, and have no interest in becoming one, because a) I will never spend that much money on products and b) I will never spend that much time in the bathroom. Now that is not to say I don't like make-up and fancy smelling soaps, because I do; I [...]

Student Series! Religion’s Purpose in Ancient Greece

The mysteries of what occurs after death has created a need for humans to seek religion. This has been a characteristic of humanity throughout ages, but Ancient Greek religion was fascinating and enticing to me. It was characterized by a distinct background that still makes it known today as the poster-child for mythology. The Greeks [...]