AP Art History Hunting in Rome, Italy

Rome literally has the mother-load of pieces from the AP Art History curriculum (Paris & London are probably the only other cities that can complete). You can spend your entire time in Rome searching for the 250 and luckily they line up with the other cool tourist things to do too. FYI, technically speaking Vatican [...]

Student Series! Girls, Gays, & Greco-Romans

As a culture, we often turn to the classical civilizations of Greece and Rome as the foundations for the western world. We have adapted their political systems, their philosophies, inventions and innovations, art and architecture, and countless other things that we find crucial to our cultural identity. For a long time we carried on their [...]

Student Series! In an Empire Far, Far Away…

The Star Wars movie franchise is beloved by many, and continues to capture the hearts and minds of children and adults alike more than 20 years after its first movie came out. Many people love this series because of its extremely diverse universe established by creator George Lucas, but Star Wars is also filled with [...]