Student Series! Girls, Gays, & Greco-Romans

As a culture, we often turn to the classical civilizations of Greece and Rome as the foundations for the western world. We have adapted their political systems, their philosophies, inventions and innovations, art and architecture, and countless other things that we find crucial to our cultural identity. For a long time we carried on their [...]

#28. Peplos Kore from the Acropolis

Art Historical Background Essentially the kore (pl. korai) is the female version of the kouros, except she isn't nude. And, like the kouroi, the korai are believed to be commemorative offerings to the gods, and also used to show off a family's prestige. This particular kore comes from the Acropolis (part of the AP Art [...]

Student Series! Power to the People

Ancient Greece brought us the idea of a historian, advancements in mathematics, philosophical thought, theater, a courtroom with juries, Greek salad, and the Olympic games, but, democracy also has its roots in Ancient Greece. In 500 BCE, the idea of citizenship started in Ancient Greece, specifically Athens. In this political system, "ordinary" people play a [...]