In Praise of the Egyptian Gods

This past year I did a new Egyptian gods project, shared with me by my fab co-Humanities teacher. It was such a great way to combine art, mythology, creativity, writing, AND presentation skills! To teach the Egyptian gods, I put the students in partners and each group was assigned a god they had to research. With [...]

Teaching the Egyptian Book of the Dead

There are tons of different ways to teach this fabulous funerary book from ancient Egypt. I'm going to illustrate some of the ways I've taught it in both my AP Art History and Humanities classes with some of my procedures with pros and cons to each method. National Geographic Documentary: The Egyptian Book of the [...]

#24. Last judgment of Hu-Nefer

Oh I love teaching the Book of the Dead in both AP Art History and Humanities because it allows us to dive into thoughts of the afterlife, Ancient Egyptian funerary traditions, and the Egyptian pantheon. All topics my students find fascinating. Art Historical Background Egyptian Pantheon Many main Egyptian gods appear in this scene of [...]