Seville AirBnb Review

This was our last AirBnb for the trip and we stayed here for 3 nights. This AirBnb was a little outside the historic center but we quickly realized that it was only 15 minute walk or so to the cathedral. We cooked one night in this apartment (something I love AirBnb for!) and had a [...]

Granada AirBnb Review

This place was absolutely fantastic and huge for an European apartment. We had a long galley kitchen complete with a washing machine (yay for laundry!) and we had free parking garage spot during our stay. This AirBnb really took our breath away when we first walked in. Come and take a look! JMF

Cordoba AirBnb Review

I love AirBnb when I travel but it is especially perfect for family travel. On our previous Andalusian trip we had 6 of us: my mom and dad, sister, her boyfriend, and my husband and I. This is what I was looking for in our Spanish AirBnbs: Economical but still spacious Included access to free [...]