Aachen Dom

Aachen's claim to fame is its cathedral, called a "Dom" in German. The Aachen cathedral is a UNESCO Site and here's why: Charlemagne (Charles the Great) based his Carolingian empire in Aachen. He was an 8th century king who became the first Holy Roman Emperor on Christmas Day in the year 800. Charlemagne wanted to emulate [...]

Aachen: The city of thermal baths, the Dom, & Charlemagne

We got into Germany on December 23rd in the morning to Düsseldorf and then made our way straight to Aachen (about a 1.5 hour train ride). Will and I promptly took a nap on the train. 🙂 Read more: Hallo from Aachen! Our first afternoon was spent walking around the Christmas Markets, Town Hall and the Dom [...]