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2018 Summer Plans

2018 Summer Plans

I am incredibly excited to announce our summer plans for 2018!!! There’s a lot going on, like always! 🙂

First off, Will and I BOUGHT OUR FIRST HOUSE!!! The process was exhausting and stressful but thankfully not too drawn out. Whatever free time we have this summer will be spent decorating and some DIY work. Looking forward to making this place our own and growing into a wonderful neighborhood.

Next, we have some travel plans! My family is heading to Spain for a week to meet up with my sister and her boyfriend. This required so much coordination, but it all worked out in the end. After our week in Southern Spain, my folks and sister will finish their trip in Lisbon, Portugal as Will and I head back home to the states. So incredibly excited to spend time together again as a family and explore a culture I have been dying to experience!

Now for the academic part of our summer…

Will is going BACK to the University of Florida in Gainesville for a 2-week Summer Research Experience during which he will be creating innovating lesson plans for his AP Biology classroom. It’s a continuation of the CATALySES program he did last year, perfect huh!?

During June (while Will is at UF actually) I am attending a AP Summer Institute at the University of Central Florida (my alma mater and right up the road from our new house) to learn more about teaching AP World History. I have truly enjoyed the subject but know I could use a lot more professional development to get more comfortable with it.

Then in July I am heading up to New York City for a 2-week program called: Reverence for Words: Understanding Muslim Culture through the Arts. I can’t wait to go back to NYC after last year’s National Endowment for the Humanities grant I got and now I get to continue to explore religious expression in the arts.

6.22.18 UPDATE: Will actually got accepted to another UF summer program during one of the weeks I am away in New York. This summer just blows me away in its perfect timing.



  1. A professional shout out as I will be at the same UCF AP training and …. I am also right down the road. 🙂 I have been following your blog; would love to collaborate. Nanci Brillant

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