2018 Summer Book Swap

Each summer my husband and I pick a book out for each other that we have to read. It’s a fun little tradition we have done every year we’ve been together (read HERE for information about our past summer book swaps). It really forces us out of our traditional literary comfort zone and provides common ground for conversation.

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See what we are swapping this year:


I am giving him the book Rome Sweet Home, a book I picked up for free from my parent’s parish. It is about a Protestant pastor and his wife along their journey from staunchly anti-Catholic to become vocal advocates of Roman Catholicism. This book beautifully and honestly describes their trials, marital tribulations, and research. Both Will and I are Catholic, but this book really did a good job of making me understand the Church’s teaching on the Eucharist. We’ll see how he likes it!


Will is giving me Why We Get Sick by Randolph M. Nesse & George C. Williams. According to the back, it is about how our bodies evolutionarily are designed to fight off illness and teaches the science behind different sicknesses. Let’s see how I like it!



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