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Student Series! Blogging in Humanities

Student Series! Blogging in Humanities

I’m going to start a series that stars my students, straightforwardly titled: Student Series! (the exclamation mark is because I’M SO EXCITED).

My Humanities class is overall unorthodox, and so is my “testing.” Instead of Quarter or Semester Exams, my Humanities students write “blog posts” on any topic that is related to our course content that Quarter (i.e. Prehistory, Ancient Greece, World Religions, etc…) This is a 600-900 word post in which they incorporate media, relate it to class content and either the modern world or their lives. Personally, I think this demonstrates their knowledge of the Humanities better than a multiple choice test.
Some of my students did STELLAR jobs (some of them…lol) and I am going to exhibit a selection of their blog posts here on my blog.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the great titles to come:

Note: Anything that can identify them personally has been modified or removed.



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