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2018 Spring Break Plan

2018 Spring Break Plan

If you’re not a teacher, you just cannot understand the absolute excitement that comes when spring break arrives. I truly think it is the most important break we get all year. Kids are cranky and stressed from the “testing season;” teachers and administrators have had it with students, and everyone is just miserable. To top it off, this Quarter is one week longer than all the rest. Boy, that week makes such a difference! Although we are not traveling anywhere this year, it is still going to be a much-needed week off.

Some of the things on my radar for this week are:

  • Packing for our move
  • Lesson plans for the first week back
  • Couples workouts
  • Sleeping in! (even if it until 7:30 am; that’s an extra 2 hours)
  • Watching a movie, at least ONE
  • Yoga
  • Reading
  • Blogging

I know, not that glamorous but we are really looking forward to some TLC time right there at home. And to all you teachers out there: Happy, happy Spring Break!


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