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2016 Winter Germany Itinerary

2016 Winter Germany Itinerary

Today is our first day in Germany, spending most of today at the fabulous Christmas Market in Aachen and getting over jet lag! While we recover, here is a sneak peek of what the next two weeks has in store for us!

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My sister now lives in Aachen while completing her masters (read her post HERE) and she was here for her last study abroad trip. So she is certainly our tour guide and translator for the next two weeks. The cathedral in Aachen just so happens to be a UNESCO Site. 🙂 Hoping to go to Mass there for Christmas. We are also planning to take a family hike to the three country point where Germany, Belgium, and The Netherlands meet and spend a day at the famous Thermal Spa.

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Cologne & the Romantic Rhine River

We are then going to start our journey south to another UNESCO Cathedral in Cologne which has the Shrine of the Three Kings and then take a lazy day down the little towns of the Rhine River.

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Black Forest

I think all of us are really looking forward to our AirBnb in the Black Forest. We rented a car to be able to drive around at our leisure. Hoping for some gorgeous snowy vistas and days out hiking and sipping mulled wine inside. 🙂

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Munich & the Surrounding Areas

Spending a few days in Munich over New Years for some culture, beer, and day trips to Dachau and Neuschwanstein Castle.

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Last but not least we’re taking a night train from Munich to Berlin, let’s see how this works with five adults in one compartment. :))) Ending our trip very, very art history heavy in this European-city powerhouse. Also pretty interested to see the dichotomy between old East and West Berlin. What can I say, I teach history! I can’t help it!

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We fly back home Saturday, January 7th to have at least part of one day to prepare for school on Monday!



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