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Snap! Orlando

Snap! Orlando

So I know I wanted this blog to focus on traveling, but I got thinking about what really is considered travel? Can finding some amazing event in your own backyard be considered “travel.” Well I say yes! I do a lot of really cool things right at home (usually awesome free things – BONUS), and I wanted to share something I did Friday night.

Snap! Orlando is an arts/photography organization that, until this year, only put on one photography festival a year; now they have their own space to exhibit all year round. I’m pretty plugged into the Orlando arts scene but I haven’t gone to everything, and this was my first time at Snap! Space. I used the opening night of their new exhibit Edge of a Dream to reconnect with an artsy-inclined friend from my college days (which was not that long ago I know).

Pictures certainly speak louder than words, so I’m going to let Snap! tell the rest of this story and you can decide for yourself.

If your interested and in town, Snap! Space is located in the historic Cameo Theater, 1013 E. Colonial Dr., Orlando, Fl 32803.


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