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Selvatura Park: Not for the faint of heart

Selvatura Park: Not for the faint of heart

This was the day we had both been waiting for: Selvatura Park for a day of ziplining, hummingbirds, reptiles & amphibians (I was not looking forward to that one!), & hanging bridges!

Selvatura Park Packages

The Selvatura Park website has a million different options to mix and match activities for your day. I picked the most all-inclusive & adventurous package because I knew we wanted to spend all day in the forest and leaving without ziplining was NOT an option. I’ll break down our day activity by activity:


Starting from the very beginning: Selvatura Park picked us up at Hotel Belmar at 10:15 am for a very bumpy 45-minute drive to the site. Although the mountain roads are a little scary at times, I never felt unsafe with any Costa Rica drivers (the Italians and Colombians are a different story however…).

Zip line


After we checked in and got all of our vouchers for the day it was zip-lining time! We were geared up and so ready to go. We both loved ALL the ziplines (there were a lot of them!), Will said it was his favorite activity of the day. However, if you are afraid of heights, dying, speed, or fun times don’t do it…actually you should just stay home. 🙂 brought his Gopro for some video of us going across! (video 1 & video 2)


08costarica099I bought a package that included lunch so I wouldn’t have to worry about bringing anything. The restaurant on site has decent food (this is the restaurant above).



We had about 30-minutes to kill before the next tour, so we went to the hummingbird area and got some really cool photos. Not going to lie, hummingbirds are so fast it’s scary. I couldn’t stop imagining a pack of hummingbirds attacking me and how terrifying that would be. Think about it.

Reptiles & Amphibians

An example of an adorable AND dangerous frog common in Costa Rica

Around 1:30 pm we took a tour to the Reptile & Amphibian Room (the other option was the butterflies but Will vetoed that). We actually were on a private tour for this one (hmmmm I wonder why??? lol). Regardless, our tour guide was great at explaining a lot of technical information clearly. I learned that too many things in Costa Rica are cute AND poisonous, a dangerous combination.

Hanging Bridges


Last, but certainly NOT least (it was my favorite actually) were the hanging bridges. It’s like zip-lining minus the going fast part and being suspended in air. Basically there are these long bridges built through the forest and over phenomenal valley vistas that you can take your sweet time enjoying.

We were really hoping to see some kind of wildlife but were sorely disappointed. 🙁 However, the views were unbelievable!


Caught the last bus into town at 4:30 pm.

Grand Total for Selvatura Cloud Forest Package for 2: $232 plus any tips


P.S. Here’s a link to my fab, brief history on Monteverde & AirBnbing in Monteverde.

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