Second Wedding Anniversary

Second Wedding Anniversary

So I am a sucker for lists and tradition & our wedding anniversaries are no different! I have decided to stick to the traditional anniversary gift list first inspired by my grandmother’s Emily Post Etiquette book. This month, we are celebrating our second wedding anniversary (in Spain no less!) and the traditional gift for year 2 is: cotton. So boring huh!?

I spend awhile looking at idea pages for second-year anniversary gifts and I had all the suggested items (towels, bathrobe, sheets, etc.). But I finally thought of something: pajama pants! Still sounds boring? Well, yes it is, but my husband desperately needs a new pair. He has one set that he has worn a million times in the years we have known each other and I am sick of the high-water, worn out blue pj bottoms. So I bought him this nice pair of 100% cotton Nautica cotton pj bottoms for our second wedding anniversary.

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P.S. Thank you Scott David Photography for all the photographic memories of our wedding day!

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