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Salt Cathedral Zipaquira

Salt Cathedral Zipaquira

While in Colombia for Spring Break a few years ago we got to visit the world-famous “Salt Cathedral” in the nearby town of Zipaquirá. Our timing was perfect because it was one of the Friday’s of Lent so we got to do our stations of the cross here!
The Salt Cathedral got its start as a salt mine (still functioning by the way) and was transformed into a surreal house of worship in 1991. The church can hold up to 10,000 worshipers and on average there are 3,000 people here on a Sunday.

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How to visit
Zipaquirá is an easy day trip from Bogotá but finding the right bus is not so easy mostly because nothing is labeled. Will and I asked 5 people and decided the answer that appeared the most was probably right. 🙂 We learned that everyone in Colombia wants to give you an answer so sometimes they’ll tell you where to go even if they don’t know. Make sure you ask around!
The bus dropped you off in the village center and there is another bus to the Salt Cathedral or you can walk way, way uphill. Your choice!


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