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Reypenaer Cheese Tasting Room

Reypenaer Cheese Tasting Room

This was actually one of the unexpected highlights from our time in Amsterdam. We heard about the Reypenaer Cheese Tasting Room from the Overseas Escape Punchy travel guide on Etsy (click HERE). Will and I typically don’t “splurge” on fancy experiences while traveling but a) this was not expensive and b) it was something we could not have done on our own. Well worth it!

We had a lovely two-person table right in the front (because we were running late…lol) that was laden with different types of cheeses, wine glasses, and a cheese tasting chart. Lemme tell you we were ready to get our fancy on!


The presentation started off with a video about the process of cheese making and aging that the Reypenaer company uses. Our presenter talked about some of the different ways you can infuse a cheese with various flavors, explaining all the things we were about to taste (I was skeptical of my ability to taste anything but a “cheesy” flavor in cheese but I was going to try!).

The whole process was a little over an hour. We would try some cheese and describe the smell, consistency, flavor, and other properties then the Cheese Master told us about the cheese and we saw how close (or far we got to the truth). Will was happily spot on nearly every time…I kept describing things as “cheesy”…so yeah. Each cheese was paired with a different wine and sometimes mustard (Gouda + mustard = surprisingly delicious).

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All in all, it was a fabulous experience. Very fancy without being snobby. I loved it! Once back in the states we ordered a cheese guillotine and some sample cheeses. It should be arriving soon! Can’t wait!


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