Passive Money Making

Passive Money Making

I am not about to sell you anything and I am not a consultant from the following companies but I got so excited by 2 emails this past week that I had to share! In short I “made $45 dollars by doing nothing more than I normally do.

A few months ago, I was looking for ways to make money on the side by not doing anything and I mean anything. So I signed up  the apps Rakuten & Ibotta. Basically these two cash back sights just pay you when you make purchases that qualify or make online purchases through their site. I’m not going to go into the details, google them yourself if you want more info about their inner workings. But my favorite thing is that I do not have to coupon hunt or buy products that I normally don’t buy to get cash back, because spending more money to “save money” is just stupid.

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For Ibotta, I registered my Publix & Winn-Dixie accounts (gotta set those up first) with them and every time Will or I go grocery shopping we put in my account (phone) number and, if I make purchases that I can get back on, it will automatically credit my account. I literally do NOTHING, I buy nothing special or extra. I joined the app last fall and just got my cash back for $20. 🙂 yayayayayyyyy!

For Rakuten, I added it as an icon on my web browser and anytime I go to make an online purchase I check Rakuten to see if there is a cash back offer for that online store. Since October I have gotten back $42 in cash back. We just ordered all new kitchen appliances on Best Buy last week and guess what! There was an offer for cashback on Rakuten so we made back $20 on this huge purchase we were going to make anyways. wooohooo!

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So yeah, I’m super excited to share these two apps with you. I am always looking for easy ways to make money and I have totally found a simple way to do that.

But guess what! I do get $25 cash back for a referral on Rakuten soooo CLICK HERE if you are interested in signing up. :)))) And I also get sweet cashback from Ibotta with this referral soooo HERE’S A SECOND LINK. No pressure butttt it’s easy money.


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