Visiting the Bronx Lourdes Grotto

As a practicing Catholic, I am familiar with the miracle at Lourdes, but I had no idea of this little American-version! Luckily one of our program readings, "Everyday Miracles: The Study of Lived Religion" by Robert Orsi, prepared us for the visit. The garden around the church of St. Lucy is a replica of the countryside [...]


#20. Temple of Amun-Re and Hypostyle Hall

Art Historical Background This image from the 250 has three distinct photos that go with it: aerial view, hypostyle hall, and a temple plan. So I figured the easiest way to tackle this behemoth piece is to break it down according to the images provided by College Board. FUN FACT: The temple complex at Karnak [...]

Summer Series: Roadtrippin’ Itinerary

Will and I decided to turn our drive up to New York City for my 3-week summer program into a little vacation. Luckily we have friends and family perfectly situated along the way so we got to stay with them (free lodging!) and spend time exploring new places. Day 1 There's nothing much going on this day [...]

Museum Madness: Making the Most of your Museum Visit

Ok so not everyone loves museums, they find them dusty old places that are pretentious and no fun. Unfortunately, many people enter into these sacred halls less than enthusiastic and then they continue to perpetuate those negative thoughts. However, I have to admit that some people will never be "museum people" (my sister being one [...]