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Padova Part II: Botanical Garden

Padova Part II: Botanical Garden

Anyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Basically, it’s a great list of places that are seen to be important for all people of the world to see for either natural or man-made wonders. There are about 1,000 places listed, so it is an ambitious list. And that is how I came to find about the Botanical Garden of Padova, my second UNESCO site of this Italy trip so far! (Read about my first one HERE!)


According to the UNESCO profile, it is the world’s first scientific botanical garden, created in 1545. The garden was formed by the University of Padova and to this day, remains in its original circular layout. It took about an hour to walk the whole thing. It was really quite beautiful and very peaceful – so peaceful I had to resort to a few awkward selfies (such as the ones below) if I wanted to get in a shot.



P.S. I walked so much by this point in the day that I developed a sizable hole in what were newish socks. See below for the before and after.


TEMPLATE_ General-3


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