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Monteverde AirBnb Review

Monteverde AirBnb Review

Will and I use AirBnb for nearly every vacation and our honeymoon was not going to be any different. So many people tried tell us that your honeymoon was the one time we could cheat and get an all-inclusive. . .ehhh I’m glad I ignored them! I couldn’t have asked for a better, more private, gorgeous, perfect house while in Monteverde.

Here’s the link on AirBnb if you decide to check in yourself!

This house was relatively close by to a nearby eco-hotel called Hotel Belmar. And thank goodness it was! When the sunset (around 5:30 pm) we were in total darkness. As much as I loved being really in the forest, the walk to and from the house up and down a mountain was tiring and you had to make sure you planned ahead if you wanted an 8pm snack.

The thing that REALLY sold me on this house was the porch, we spent as much time as we could just reading, talking, and listening to nature (like our neighbors, the howler monkeys!).



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