One Teacher’s Perspective on the Coronavirus Outbreak

One Teacher’s Perspective on the Coronavirus Outbreak

This is hopefully not going to be a long rant but there have been a few key things that have really boiled my blood in the past few days. And that is: PARENTS.

It’s always freakin’ parents huh!? lol

My district got lucky, we were on spring break when schools nationwide began closing their doors. This gave us an opportunity to not have to scramble, as teachers, to create lesson plans, and it gave the district time to try to create a cohesive plan with the community. However, the uncertainty (understandably) worried the parent/guardian community.

Even BEFORE Florida announced sweeping school closures, our district put our surveys about computer and internet access in the homes, announced free wifi and hot spots for those without internet. And can you believe one of the first comments when they announced free internet: “Well what about rural areas, huh? They won’t be served by this.” I commented on this lady’s post basically telling her not everyone will be equally served everywhere, that’s a physical impossibility but can you atleast applaud they are trying. Because the district could say “Screw you, now schools online. Good luck.”

And THEN when schools did close, the first immediate response was “How will our kids eat?” “I’m still at work, what should I do.” “I can’t teach my kids at home.” etc. Now, to not be insensitive, I know many families struggle to make ends meet, but as an advocate for smaller government I hate that the immediate response is a whine: “someone else be responsible for MY children!” Our district, immediately created a plan for students to come pick up breakfast and lunches daily and then the whining turned to “can I just come and pick up lunches for the week, going everyday is such a hassle.” You are getting free food; if it is a hassle, then don’t come.

If you give a mouse a cookie…am I right? 

Yes I know I’m acting as a grump right now but it seemed that no matter what our district does the comments poured in with complains and whining, so little thanks. This whole coronavirus experiment has shown me the absolute deterioration of community ties. For example, our district is lending out 1 laptop to each family on the free and reduced lunch list and many are complaining one isn’t enough. I commented on a few of these solutions that, to me, are common sense: ask a neighbor if they have one they’re not using & take turns. Novel freaking idea. Oh and then one mom complained 5 minutes later none of her neighbors have any to spare…sure lady, sure.

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Now, I do not have kids, I am not losing my paycheck, and I am emotionally secure at this time of great uncertainty but PLEASE for the love of everyone’s sanity, parents take it one day at a time and be thankful that the schools are trying to do so much for you! And know that this whole thing isn’t perfect; if your kid doesn’t get through all the math they were “supposed” to that is ok, just be with them, they are as nervous as you are. In the next few weeks schools will be feeding children, teaching them (while scrambling to figure out e-learning), providing internet and computers for many, all while we are also freaking out that we, too, are running out of toilet paper.

So all I ask is for a little love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, gentleness, self-control. Is that so hard? 🙂

I know some days it is.


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