New Travel Goodies

New Travel Goodies

So in light of our Spring Break trip to The Netherlands and Belgium, I’ve recently made two travel splurges: a new suitcase & an all-in-one travel case.
The suitcase

Ok, so this isn’t much of a splurge and more of a necessity but parting with $100 on one item is always a splurge for me. Essentially, my other suitcases were over 5 years old and falling apart. I sincerely loved my obnoxious Target luggage because I could NEVER EVER lose them in a crowd but it was time for an upgrade. Unfortunately, all the suitcases I loved were black…meh. I need to find a way to spruce it up, before I end up taking someone else’s underwear home!
Bye bye beautiful suitcase!

The travel case
Ok so this is a splurge BUT It replaces the floral fun I’m missing in my life. I got this gorgeous travel case at EPCOT of all places! Not only is is incredibly beautiful but it also keeps things super well organized as you can see below.


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