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Central Florida: New Smyrna Beach

Central Florida: New Smyrna Beach

This past weekend Will and I realized that for once we had a FREE weekend! Can you imagine our surprise!? No homework, no events, no projects…nothing. So he brilliantly said “Let’s go to the beach tomorrow;” I almost protested, thinking there must be something we have to do, but after racking my brain for a little, the answer was “Yeah, let’s go to the beach!”  (we live in Florida, but going to the beach is rarer than it should be)

Both of us are from the coast (aka 20 minutes away from amazing beaches) and we still haven’t adjusted to living in Orlando (look on a map – no beaches), so we needed to plan for this beach trip. I was not about to drive an hour for a terrible beach (yes, terrible beaches exist). And then Will found Flagler Ave. on New Smyrna Beach. Heaven.


It was a main street of shops, restaurants, bars, and cuteness. We parked at one end and walked all the way down to the beach to have lunch at Breakers with a perfect view. Then spent the next hour or two on the beach and walked around some more. There happened to be a wine walk for the afternoon that provided some great people watching and smoothing siping. All and all a great day…here’s to more similar summer days!


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