New Look!

New Look!

So you might have noticed some major changes around here (and I am still in the process of updating broken links and such)! Well in case you were wondering, or not wondering, J is for Journey got a much needed makeover. This is the Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition. 🙂 I had been pushing off doing much needed tweaks, updates, and such. Honestly I was nervous because I’m not super techy and I just figured anything really cool would be out of my wheelhouse. And then literally like a guardian angel I got an amazing email in my inbox out of the blue from Blogerize offering me a FREE blog makeover.

Ain’t no such thing as a free lunch right? WRONG. Oh so wrong.

Every service, every question, every email was F-R-E-E. And the whole team was amazing; they listened to my concerns and questions and created beautiful magic I could never have dreamt up! In addition to the blog make over I also got access to their online course material for FREE. I haven’t finished their course yet, because well life, but I am definitely going to utilize their expertise to grow my little corner of the internet.

So pardon the dust as I try to update links and missing images on over 500 blog posts, but the results will be (are) oh so worth it!

Again, thank you Blogerize for everything – I am eternally grateful for this wonderful opportunity that fell into my lap.



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