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Munich: The city of Oktoberfest, Bavarian kings, & art history

Munich: The city of Oktoberfest, Bavarian kings, & art history

The Residenz

This was the home of the Bavaria rulers from the 17th century; they were dukes at first then on became electors (still unsure about what that technically means) then kings from 1806-1918. The palace was severely damaged during WWII but meticulously reconstructed.


Alte Pinakotek & Neue Pinakotek

This was high on my list for some art history! There was nothing specific from the AP Art History 250 list here but a couple of noteworthy Dürers, Rubens, other Old Masters, Van Gogh, and many others. Although large, we went through both of these in one afternoon (could have used a bit more time though).

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Hofbräuhaus am Platzl

Ah the famous Beer House! We managed to elbow our way into a seat (miraculously) and enjoyed the atmosphere, good, and of course, beer! Great atmosphere & totally worth anxious wait for a table.

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The main town square of Munich, this area hold the Rathaus (or New Town Hall) with the famous Glockenspiel. At this time of year there were sparking-lights and a beautiful Christmas tree in the square.


Olympic Park

Although we couldn’t see anything when we went here during New Year’s Eve because it was nighttime and über (a German word by the way!) foggy from all the fireworks going off right next to us, we still “went” so it counts.

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Nymphenburg Palace

Very similar to The Residenz, this was the summer palace of the Bavarian kings. We didn’t get any tickets to visit the inside because I’ll be honest I was kind of sick of hearing a rattle of names of kings. The gr0uds were still gorgeous and quite eerie in the winter time – I’m sure it’s lovely in summer!

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Asam Church

OMGGGG!!!! So gorgeous! This is about the most over the top Baroque Church I will ever see! It’s super small so that just makes it overwhelming! Don’t miss this, it takes 5 minutes.

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