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Memorial Day Weekend @ Blue Springs

Memorial Day Weekend @ Blue Springs

Memorial Day Weekend in Florida necessitates cold drinks, water, and sunshine. A few years ago we hit up some West Coast beaches while enjoying Sarasota & the Ringling Museum. This year, we went to Blue Spring State Park, the winter home of Florida manatees, with a few friends. We got to the park by 8 am and there was already an incredibly long line; it took us almost an hour to get into the park. Tub rentals are $5 for the first hour and $2.50 for every extra hour.

The tub numbers we randomly got made up the date of our engagement! 4/26 🙂

1614202_10153405454794611_2986530912619547214_oWe floated around for a bit enjoying the warmth of the sun along with the chill of the 70 degree water (freezing for life-long Floridians, but perfect for manatees). After a few hours, we went to Black Hammock in Oviedo for some yummy gator lunches.



  1. I’ve actually been to Blue Spring (both for swimming and for watching manatees). Getting to see those manatees in person is an amazing experience and worth braving the sometimes chilly winter weather. Swimming there in the summer is interesting. The part of the park I swam in I didn’t use any sort of tubing (I was there for a friend’s end-of-the-year party/her brother’s graduation party), and I vividly remember swimming up towards one of the springs, and then I remember riding the current back to the entry point, having to jump over submerged cypress trees to keep them from hitting my legs.

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