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2015 Summer: Cape Cod

2015 Summer: Cape Cod

Last summer we went up to visit my husband’s family in Cape Cod. It was a nice combination of bonding family time and touristy sightseeing. Here is our one-week itinerary:

Day 1

We caught an early flight from Orlando to Boston and then drove out to Cape Cod. Spent the afternoon getting to know the neighborhood & the new family.



Day 2

Today we hit up Plimoth Plantation (yes, it is spelled with an “i” not a “y”). This was a living museum in which you get to see a glimpse into the lives of the early settlers and Native Americans.

One thing that I really appreciated about all the townspeople is that they REFUSED to break character. Everything you asked them a question about the “modern world” they would look perplexed like you were talking about aliens or something like that. Or if you asked “How long have you been working here?” they would state the year they crossed the ocean from England and landed in America. I really appreciated the authenticity and the challenge of getting any “actor” to break-they never did!

After visiting the living museum, we walked around the town a bit to visit a water-mill and the “original” Plimoth rock.







Day 3

Will, his sister, and I went into the city for some art and history. Our first stop was the Museum of Fine Art! This museum is seriously way to big to conquer in one day – I tried and failed. But we had a lot of fun with some art pieces & I even discovered a good about from the AP Art History curriculum! After we a while, we got too antsy and left the museum to grab some lunch and walk around the city. We did part of the Freedom Trail and it took us right past the Boston Marathon Finish Line Memorial.

Read more: AP Art History @ the MFA Boston


Day 4

We went out with the family to Martha’s Vineyard. I was really worried about the ferry ride over because I get really seasick so I took some motion sickness medicine and nodded off pretty quickly. I have always heard about Martha’s Vineyard but never really understood exactly what it was. Now that I visited, I can see how adorable it is and that it captures the Cape Cod “cuteness” but I don’t see how people go back year after year.

I looked into AirBnb on Martha’s Vineyard just to be curious and holy cow the prices were astronomical. I should have seen that coming but WOW!!!



Day 5-7

We spent the next few days hanging out in Cape Cod meeting all of Will’s extended family and eating…of course eating. Holy cow, I ate seafood until I was thought I was going to burst! Although, the clam boils and bakes and stuffed Quahogs were too good to pass up!

Will & I tried to offset all that good food with lots of walks along the shore, not sure it did much good. 🙂


P.S. It was wayyyy too cold for June! Luckily, Will’s aunt was just my size so I borrowed all her sweaters 🙂

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