Life Lately: 2019 August

Life Lately: 2019 August

I have seriously been neglecting my piece of the internet lately. 🙁 And I am so sorry! Basically after I got back from my intense & wonderful summer workshops (Dimensions of the Middle East & Teaching the Holocaust through Visual Culture) I hopped back into house renovations (that are still ongoing by the way) and they we started back at work. Going back to school literally sucks the life out of me until I get to Open House and then I feel a rush of release. However this year, Open House was then immediately followed by hurricane prep. Didn’t catch a break!

But now I’m waiting for the hurricane to come or not come so I figured it would be a good time to tell y’all that I am still alive and interested in blogging. 🙂 Promise!

If you’re looking for a home remodel grand reveal, I don’t have it for you. Our floors are done, which is fantastic, but we are still cutting and measuring baseboards & waiting for someone to paint our interior. We decided to pay someone to do that part because we are painting the whole interior and have vaulted ceilings throughout the house. It was totally worth it to pass the baton on that. We are also still playing the waiting game for someone to make our master bathroom window smaller so that we can get started on our renovations plans there of making the shower bigger. If you remember, the shower is the thing that started this whole crazy project. :)))) lol

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