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Let Me Introduce…Accessible Art History

Let Me Introduce…Accessible Art History

So I was on Instagram the other day looking at art history stuff…ya know, like you do. 🙂 And I ran across this awesome profile called Accessible Art History. I really like her succinct posts on images from the AP Art History 250. So I decided to reach out and do a little collaboration. I highly suggest you follow her pages (links below) & share this with your students! I think it’s a fun way for them to stay in touch with the 250 outside of your classrooms.


Hi there! My name is Analisa and I am the founder of Accessible Art History. My goal for founding this venture was to make art history fun again. History is a story and should be treated as such. By making it more enjoyable for people to learn, we can all come to appreciate the world of human creation!

I received my degree in Art History (with honors) from the University of Washington in 2013. My focus was on early Christian and medieval art, but I love all periods. While I was in school, I was able to spend 4 months in Rome studying abroad. It was amazing!

If you love art history, I hope you’ll check out my social media. I use:

I hope you consider checking out my pages! Thank you!

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