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Travel Tips: Keeping Active while Traveling

Travel Tips: Keeping Active while Traveling

You want to make sure your are balancing all those extra desserts, glasses of wine, and yummy street snacks while traveling so you don’t regret it when you return home. We don’t typically stay in hotels or places that have fancy gyms and facilities so we find other ways to stay active while traveling.

Ride a Bike

This is a great, fast way to cover lots of ground. Who needs taxis and buses when you’ve got two wheels!? For example, the picture above is from my first study abroad in Italy when we did a Wine and Bike Tour instead of the traditional “wine and van” tour. 1) I get car sick easily, and adding wine the equation was not going to help and 2) we got a little bit of exercise which eating and drinking rather than being stuck in a van.


This is my workout of choice! They sell little travel yoga mat that are super thin and lightweight (it also doubles as a place to sit/sleep if your stuck at a train/plane/bus stop). I also subscribe to this fabulous website called to unlock the extra yoga videos. You can watch them via wifi or pay to download videos on to your device. They have programs for ALL abilities.


My husband loves going for a run in a new city. It’s an easy, cheap way to see some sights, however this requires a very good sense of direction and already having a running habit. I don’t suggest you try and go running for the first time while in San Francisco for example. 🙂 It’s also a good idea bring a couple of bucks and a small map or directions with you in case you end up needing a ride back.

Incorporate Active Planning

Make an effort to schedule hiking, kayaking, boating, rock climbing, skiing, horseback riding, surfing, snowshoeing, or whatever into your plans. This will keep you accountable (because you’ve already paid for it) and it breaks up too many museum/city sighting days.

Even though I am a die-hard museum fan, I try to break up our sightseeing/museum/ traveling days with some fresh air, fun, and fitness! Prioritize keeping fit and active on your trip and you can always sneak in a little extra gelato of you want. 😉



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