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Journey through Pregnancy: The Clothes

Journey through Pregnancy: The Clothes

I *thankfully* did not have to buy much to get through my pregnancy. I got really lucky as a few friends and coworkers were literally throwing stuff for me to wear. I also was able to make a lot of my non-maternity dresses & skirts work – yay frugal!

What I did Purchase

For the record I didn’t buy any maternity-specific things until the second trimester, because I could make it work in dresses and skirts. If you are someone who lives in pants, I am not, then you might have to acquire some maternity items earlier than I did. Once I needed some maternity items, I was gifted a bunch of stuff from two friends who just had babies in fall. I love buying clothing but I just could not justify spending all this money, that could be better spent elsewhere, on temporary clothing items that I would no longer wear in a few months.

Store Item(s) Cost My Notes
  1. Non-maternity blue & white button down dress
  2. Black loose “house dress”
$14.99 The blue & white dress was a STUPID purchase! I bought this dressing thinking “oh this looks great for pregnancy & nursing” only to get it in and realize it could not serve in the function I was hoping. Plus, it looked terrible on me. Never wore it, it went to Goodwill.
TJ Maxx Non-maternity wrap skirt $14.99 I thought this skirt could “grow” with me a little longer than it did, but it only looked great until the middle of the second trimester. However, I will wear after baby.
Motherhood Maternity
  1. Nursing bra 34D
  2. Maternity skinny jeans in medium
  3. Black one-piece bathing suit in medium
  4. Black maternity leggings
$90.90 The bra was a MUST (& actually this one got too small pretty quickly). I hated the jeans because they were more jeggings than jeans so I avoided wearinging them. But the bathing suit was super cute & the leggings a great staple for prenatal yoga.
Motherhood Maternity
  1. 2 nursing bras 36D
  2. Black maternity leggings
  3. Grey maternity workout leggings
  4. 5 pairs of pregnancy underwear
$102.37 The workout leggings SUCK SUCK SUCK! I’m getting rid of them after this pregnancy; they are weirdly baggy/uncomfortable under my belly. I will stick with the traditional leggings from now on.
Old Navy
  1. 1 white maternity t-shirt
  2. 1 non-maternity baggy muscle tee
  3. 1 black wrap nursing top
  4. 1 pair of mustard-colored linen maternity shorts
$83.87 I was lent a white shirt maternity shirt that I promptly ruined with coffee so I had to purchase a new one. I also ruined a grey muscle tee I already had (it got holes in it) so I bought a new one. I was gifted one pair of maternity shorts & quickly realized, with a summer pregnancy, I would *at least* need another pair. Then, I wanted free shipping so I tossed in the back nursing top that is actually super cute!
TJ Maxx
  1. 2 strapless bras 36D
  2. 2 “house” bras in medium
$24.59 I needed as strapless bra for a wedding and obviously none of my non-pregnant bras still fit. I also wanted some comfy non-sports bras but also not “regular” bras for around the house. None of these items are specifically “maternity.”
  1. 1 pink & white maternity dress
  2. 1  white, summery button up dress
  3. 1 pool cover-up
$80.02 I wanted to buy a few new things for our 5th wedding anniversary & baby shower so I got 2 new dresses for that. I also found a fantastic pool cover up that I am going to use as a mumu/house/nursing dress.
Target size large comfy pj pants $19.99 These will probably be too big when I am back to my “new normal size” but I really needed a pair of sweatpants that were not leggings to toss on. nursing/house dress $27.99 I had $4 credit & $5 PayPal credit if I spent $25 + plus free soooo yeah I think this is a good purchase



A dear friend who had her first baby in March gifted me compression socks & pregnancy underwear. Let me tell you pregnancy underwear CHANGED ME!!! lol I had no idea that pregnancy underwear existed & without her gift would have continued in uncomfortable ignorance.

In addition to that a neighbor gave me a gorgeous black floor-length dress I wore to a black tie Indian wedding (see above) and 2 pairs of workout leggings. One of Will’s cousin’s also sent a small box of baby stuff & leftover maternity clothes.

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Making Non-Maternity Clothes Work

One of the biggest reasons I could still use about 75% of my pre-pregnant wardrobe is that I wear a lot of dresses and skirts with elastic anyways. So my #1 tip would be to look at your wardrobe and see the non-maternity items that work, perhaps with modification. There are so many things marked up because they’re maternity when the size large in a regular dress, maybe with a cute thin belt, can work just as well. The two pictures above (and the picture at the very top) and are all with NON-maternity clothes. Most of the pictures on my Instagram are too.

Here are the most verstible items:

  1. Midi skirts with elastic bands
  2. Dresses with waist ties
  3. Loose t-shirt dresses (just make sure they don’t get too short)
  4. Long & loose tanks (you can tie them up or tuck them in)
  5. Loose maxi dresses
  6. Tighter fitting bodycon-like dresses a size up
  7. Slip on shoes
  8. Sports bras (I did not have to buy any)

Here are the items I suggest getting maternity wear:

  • Leggings (I know, shocking)
  • Jeans & pants
  • Underwear
  • Bras
  • Bathing suit
  • Shorts


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